Fuelpad - fuel consumption tracking


Fuelpad is a tool to record your car fuel and other expenses. It works in the Nokia N900 and Internet Tablet N800/N810. The idea is to have the IT with you and enter the data of your tank refill in your car.

Fuelpad is free software licensed under GNU GPL versio 2.


Currently (version 0.82) Fuelpad has the following features

  • Calculates the fuel consumption for each entry
  • Calculates the overall distance, average fuel consumption and total cost
  • Calculates the CO2 emissions for each fill
  • Possibility to track expenses of several cars
  • Searching records
  • Driver can be set and it is recorded in each entry
  • Importing and exporting data (cvs-format)
  • Graphical representation of fuel consumption, driving distance, fuel price and more
  • Yearly report generated in postscript format
  • Units of distance, volume and consumption can be selected (SI, US, Imperial)
  • Reminder/alarm subsystem
  • On-line help for most features (only available for N8x0)
  • Finnish and english localizations (others are also possible)